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Blogger Anuraag Sanghi identifies the reason for the rise of British Empire in India –  the large number of indians recruited as sepoys.

The constant warfare against Indian polity in India was essential for imperial English objectives. It was the large size of the Colonial Indian Army, consisting of Indian sepoys that was behind the might of the British Empire.”

Company sepoy’s pay was several times that of a specialist worker. These sepoys were not only paid better compared to the soldiers of native kings, the british also made timely payments.  These factors led to many people joining up in the British Colonial Army.

Where did all that money come from ?

Sanghi identifies the source of British financial capital-

1.  Piracy sanctioned by the British crown that brought wealth without having to produce it

2.  Slavery that freed up money that would have otherwise had to be paid to workers

3.  Monopolising the trade of shipping, gun powder, textiles etc.

4.  Wealth looted from colonies

5.  Indentured labour that sustained low production cost 


‘Marginally Ethical People’

To marginally ethical people, without recourse to loot, piracy and slavery under the Indic values system of shubh labh, ‘Desert Bloc’ ethics were an ‘attractive’ alternative. Economically affected by shrinkage in Indian exports due to slave raids and piracy, land grab by the colonial Indian State, some took the easy way of embracing English practices and values – giving the British Empire a leg up in India.”

“…employment and service with slave empires and kingdoms was equated with standard commerce.”


Today, a large number of people are employed by what are called MNCs, that are mostly West based. Many Indians work abroad. Large number of families depend on money sent by people working abroad. In India itself, being employed by a foreign firm, or a firm working for foreign clients, is considered more respectworthy. The embracing of Western practices and values(or lack of it) have increased multi fold. The british created education system is one of the primary causative factor for this. The continuation with british created institutions for governance have further contributed to pervasiveness of western influence over society. Indian educational institutions are essentially producing skilled white collared labourers for western companies at cheap rates. This helps sustain the western progress today, as it once did the British Empire. Like in the colonial times, those who collaborate with the West today are given higher paying positions to serve them better, based on the riches gathered from (a) colonial era loot leftovers, (b) monopolising practices,  (c) new markets and land resources captured through military and coercive means and (d) manipulating currencies.

Military means of Imperialism in the past being replaced by economic means today. 

Some Tweets by Senthil Raja  reflect the deleterious effects-

Whether known or unknown, we convey the message white collar job is superior and blue collar job is inferior.

In most cases, are we not justifying things based on personal gains ? Even the high salary we get is unjust…

… unjust in the sense, that it is creating extreme disparities in the society. Isn’t our salary based on Dollar rate ?

Corporates lobby government if dollar rates comes down, instead of realigning itself.. yet they speak of free market.

A software company serving indian clients is taxed, but tax free if its 100% export oriented.. what kind of logic it is?

Philanthropy is often projected as Social responsibility..

If I am not mistaken, I often feel, that we (IT professionals) do charity more out of guilt feeling..

I am saying this kind of offshore(outsource ?) model itself is unjust.. a small section of IT people, cornering large amount of resources

When you happen to travel by an auto or meet a common man, just ask him.. he will tell how insecure his life has become..

Escalated salary, escalated buying power.. escalated prices.. escalated demand.. escalated exploitation of resources..

The escalation of prices are so severe, that even an entry level IT guy finds it tought to meet expenses. What about poor?

A double bedroom house rent was 3000 5 years ago in Chennai.. now it is more than 6000.. even middle class cant survive

What’s the reason? because of high salary of few lakh people, that more than 1 crore people of Chennai suffering..

How did this high salary become possible.. because of high dollar rate.. where indigenous companies became severly disadvantaged

A software concern serving indian client could not compete with a software concern serving foreign clients, in giving salaries.

Finally, the revenue generated is actually collapsing our society and economy.. we will feel the consequence within few yrs


When a person accepts employment with another, that person subconsciously also accepts the ‘value system’ or lack thereof of the employer. The character of the person is then subconsciously transformed. The education system designed for the purpose of turning people into useful employees for empires also inculcates the ‘values’, or its lack, of the empire builders, which is then reinforced during employment. Such employees may later establish their own ‘value-less’ empires, as happened in India that went under the Congress Empire in 1947. Congress party was formed by britishers after the indian independence war of 1857, to pre-empt and subvert violent resistance against british rule. Later they culled that organisation of patriotic and nationalistic indians who had joined it, enlisted it in handling lower level administration prior to WWII, and then handed over power to these tutored employees, who have been managing the outpost of the empire with all the institutional structures established by the british intact, creating generations of indians, deracinated and useful employees for western empire.

The Worm turned

Meanwhile, Sanghi observes-

It took nearly 200 years for the The Indian sepoy to decide that he was no longer willing to be a loyal soldier of the Company Bahadur. And the British Raj crumbled.”

The British Raj crumbled, but they had prepared for just this eventuality way back in 1885, when they formed the Congress Party. They transferred power to their tutored employees and ensured that this country will continue to serve their interests. It did, and have been doing that since then, often at a cost to its own interests- parts of Kashmir, Aksai Chin, were given away, Millions of Indians have been killed in violent incidents that continue unabated, Millions have starved to death, demographics is being changed by western cults of christianity, islam, communism and capitalism, yet the dynasty of tutored employees continue to serve western, and their own selfish interest, disinterested in taking effective action to protect the nation or its people. 

The day the worm turned, the British Raj ended. On February 18th 1946, the Indian Naval force, then the Royal Indian Navy raised the flag of independence. Colonial history calls it the Naval Ratings Mutiny – on February 18th 1946. Within 1 week, Britain decided to evacuate from India.”

In an economic sense such a decison means serving an alternate economic model. One that nurtures ethics and values. A system like the one that made Bharat the economic powerhouse of the world for millenniums prior to 1800 CE(Sanghi identifies it as based on the concept of shubh labh), yet was a part of the civilization that produced unparalleled fine arts, science, spiritual attainment and value system in society.

It requires re-discovering our traditional values and heritage, discarding the western value-less systems, re-building our systems and institutions rooted in sustainable values.

This requires courage, wisdom, conviction and strength. Do Indians have it in them ? They do, as do all beings.

Will Indians discover it ?  Will the worm turn, this time to dislodge the foot on its back ?


Gandhi: A True Sepoy

In the book “Gandhi: A True Mahatma ?“, author Agneya unravels the extent to which Gandhi was influenced by british indoctrination and christian propaganda. Gandhi stands revealed as a christian in all but name- christian in the sense of a person who has internalised the propaganda spread by church that ‘suffering’ and subservience to dogmas of New Testament is sole path to god’s blessings. He is also revealed as a person who is convinced about the superiority of the british and, by extension, as their being the rightful administrators over other people including Indians.  Having internalised church propaganda and convinced about superiority of british, he ventured to spread these ideas among indians,  surreptitiously, while taking the name of Sri Rama, Sri Krishna and in the pretext of being inspired by bhagavad gita, all of which are known to have powerful influence over indians. Gandhi is therefore revealed as a sepoy of the Western Empire, engaged in the act of converting his countrymen into subservient sepoys of empire like himself. Western Empire here refers to the aggrandizing empire building behaviour of the Romans that saw them conquering lands and enslaving people, which trait was displayed by the Church engaged in expanding and converting people into sheeps, by Islam plundering and enslaving people for the Caliphate, by various capitalists such as East India Companies and Hudson Bay Company looting other lands, paving way for colonialism, and by communists unleashing class war to usurp dictatorial power. This trait saw these people make use of any opportunity, be it religion, science, anthropology, history or linguistics, as tools for subjugating people, both physically and mentally. Their biggest victory is in converting other people into being their slaves, getting them to become a part of the empire, as a sepoy.

The usefulness of a sepoy is in his not being identified as a slave of the empire. Taking the name of Sri Rama, Sri Krishna and bhagavad gita helped Gandhi in maintaining the illusion of working in the interest of bharatiya samskriti. This then enabled him to play the role of spokesperson for India, thus furthering the interest of the empire.

The role played by Gandhi then provides lessons today regarding how subversion could be achieved intentionally or even subconsciously, how a person convinced that one particular path is the correct one- in Gandhi’s case, the path of suffering, assumedly shown by Jesus -then engages in converting people into becoming a part of the western empire.

How many such people are there nowadays, influenced by the western propaganda, sepoys of the empire themselves,  perhaps unable to recognize themselves as such, yet enjoying the power and pelf provided by the empire, venture to become spokesperson or activist for the ‘native’, but inevitably foster the interest of the empire ?

Tools of the Empire

In the course of history, western empire has used many tools for aggrandizement, viz., Roman imperialism, Catholic Church and its many offshoots, Islam, Capitalism, Colonialism, Communism, Nazism, Fascism, Racism, Nationalism etc. Today the western empire uses ‘capitalism’ as its primary tool. This was the tool that was intrumental in bringing about colonialism through East India Company, Hudson Bay Company etc. It accords paramountcy to materials and provide unbridled avenue for expressing greed. The enormous damage that this tool wrecks on environment is unmatched. It also severely damages the mind of people, converting them into materialistic zombies, white collared and blue collared labourers, automations, who act on cues.

Modern Sepoys

Many of the present day sepoys of the empire view the other tools as detrimental to ‘humanity’ and capitalism as ‘harbringer of development and modernity’. These people are vociferous in their criticism of other tools, but are blind-sided to the enormous damage that capitalism wrecks on ‘humanity’. They are, like all converted people, unable to see alternatives beyond what they are indoctrinated. So they see as possible alternative only the other tools of the empire. When some of them recognize alternative in indigenous traditions, they are eager to make such alternatives part of the empire.

Even when they are seen as arguing against the empire, they are actually only working for the empire, to make space for the ‘others’- the indigenous group they belong to, in the empire, to consolidate the merger with the empire. Though, in their influenced state of mind some of them may not realise it is so, and some others merely try to convince themselves that such is the best course.

Possible examples of such behaviour- An eminent ‘hindu’, in his varied criticism of the west consistently fails to identify or prosecute ‘capitalism’. A ‘nationalist hindu’ feels disturbed upon seeing criticism of capitalistic ideas and ventures to put up straw man arguments. An internet hindu interested in India’s development considers ‘progress of civilization’ on western terms.


Sustainable future lie in not spreading the aggrandizing rapacious empire. It lies in seeing the true nature of this empire, the various tools that it uses to gain its ends, the way in which it develops or appropriates new tools as it comes up against opposition, its insatiable appetite and attachment to material objects. It lies in growing out of the indoctrinations inculturated by the empire, to view it critically and to prosecute it. It is also inevitably linked to realizing the true purpose of life and knowledge of selfthe central objectives of bharatiya samskriti.

Nithya adharma

Rajasekara had sex with young women. Nothing wrong with that as such.

The crux of the matter is that Rajasekara claimed to be a brahmachari, that too, a ‘realized master’. Further, he had sex with disciples.

Four things emerge from this act.
One, Rajasekara was not a brahmachari as he claimed.
Second, he was not a ‘realized master’, who overcame carnal desires.
Third, he had sex with disciples. guru-shishya relationship should not have been sullied in this manner.
Fourth, he did his act wearing the color of renunciation- kAvi.

These facts reveal the following-

1. Rajasekara was a liar, in claiming to be brahmachari and realized master. That he carried out this charade for many years means that he is a habitual liar. That using this charade he hoodwinked thousands of people for many years means that he had developed duplicity as a character trait.

2. This person, despite knowing the symbolic value of kAvi as representing sublimation of desires in the fire of spiritual enquiry, wore that while he indulged himself in carnal pleasures, while he enjoyed food, while he engrossed himself in television. Rajasekara was disrespectful towards the kAvi, its symbolic meaning and the tradition that values it.

3. This person had no qualms in exploiting trust. The disciple in the video sincerely served this person in the belief that this person is a realized master and that serving such an enlightened person is correct. Rajasekara exploited that trust and encouraged the misconception of the disciple. This reveals Rajasekara to be a conscience-less selfish individual who will betray trust without compunction.

Yet, despite these revelations, many people still considers it appropriate to refer to this charlatan as ‘swami’. Sample-

Rajiv Malhotra interviews Swami Nithyananda

Swami Nithyananda or Spycam Journalism

Our “Liberal” Values – Part I

This tendency reveals three things: –

1. Inability to discern dharma.

2. Mis-identification with the so-called religion ‘hinduism’ that prompts extending support or consideration to one who has betrayed the values and ethos of bharatiya samskriti.

3. Rajiv Malhotra rushed to offer support to this charlatan. Similar to how Bhisma, who should have known better, fought for unrighteous Duryodhana in the field of Kurukshetra.

Feeding the Cuckoo

This episode reveals that otherwise right thinking people are allowing themselves be blindfolded with the label of ‘hinduism’, a cuckoo in the nest, placed by mleccha westerners.

The cuckoo child is growing and displacing the original progeny of this land, starving it and stifling it. Originally it looked similar to bharatiya samskriti, now it is starting to resemble its parent.

bharateeyas, blinded to consider it as the original progeny of this land, are striving hard to feed this imposter, while it cries voraciously for more and more.

Rajasekara and others mlecchas like him benefit from such efforts of the blindfolded bharateeyas.
Unfortunately this misplaced support and sympathy may further encourage such charlatans towards more duplicity. Duryodhana would not have gone to war but for the support from Bhisma, Drona, Kripa and Karna.

The final nail in the coffin of bharatiya sampada, so to speak, maybe hit not by westerners, or even their desi sepoys, but by the bharateeya who is unable to discern dharma and blindly feeds the mleccha cuckoo’s child.

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