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A blogger attempts to trace the fissures in India’s society.

“Despite our country’s much-vaunted pluralism, Indians harbour a keen sense of difference, be it of language, religion or complexion.” 

Without this ‘difference’ how does pluralism exist in the first place ?

“The modern Indian state outlaws caste-based discrimination, while requiring “positive discrimination” for members of marginalised groups.”

Self contradictory. the so-called ‘positive’ discrimination is also caste based!

“Caste is a difficult and thorny category, its origins and evolution still murky.”

Agree, am always at a loss as to how come every fundamental text of bharata happens to be written by the so-called outcastes!
Ramayana by a jungle robber Ratnakar later called Maharshi Valmiki. Mahabharata and Gita by son of a fisherwoman named Vyasa. Vedas, Upanishads, Aranyakas, Brahamanas compiled by the same son of fisherwoman.

And these are the basic texts of bharatiya samskriti !

Am at a loss as to how come the ‘evil brahmins’ came to  accept these texts of low caste origin.

Every brahmana through all ages accepted these texts as profound.

Kalidasa, again of low origins, is also considered some great guy.

Only reason seems to be that enlightened educated people such as we have today were not present then to explain ‘caste’ system and ‘manusmriti’ to bharatiyas.

Thankfully, we live in ‘modern’ times.

“At worst, they smack of ancient caste bigotry, like the unhealthy valourisation of fair skin (as epitomised by embarrassing ads for lightening products) in a country of shining brown-skinned toilers.”

Shiva, the dark coloured god of hindu pantheon was heard complaining that he does not get any devotees nowadays.
Sri Krishna the other day complained similarly. He asked some lyricist- ‘radha kyon gori, mein kyon kala’ – why is Radha of lighter shade while I am black ?
Sri Rama similarly expressed unhappiness about his dark colour.
Kali ma was also angry on this point.

Last heard, these dark skinned gods were forming an association to petition GoI for some reservation for them among devotees.

The lighter skinned god Brahma, was not available for comment. He could not be found in any temples also, since there are hardly any temples that has Brahma as murti. Whats the point in being the creator and all, even with white skin!

Yet despite this slow erosion of caste as an insidious force, India remains a divided society

The Brits have something to be thankful for in these times of having been turned into chamcha of a has been superpower- US. Their legacy of ‘divide et empera’ is being religiously followed through by ‘educated’ indians.

“Anyone visiting India today would be struck by its chasms of difference. ”
Absolutely. It is proven that anyone who puts on eurocentric lenses will view things in its characteristic tinge.

But in India, the revelations of this latest study are stark reminders of how much division underlies the fabric of the nation, and of how much work remains in perfecting our democratic society.”

Absolutely! The white man’s burden, you know ?
It just got transferred to his brown skinned brother who uses ‘fair and lovely’ and is english educated.


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