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Shri Senthil Raja commented in a previous blog

“I think, we should not waste our time in explaining to those who say “Its individual wish to marry any one”..        …….

Instead of explaining things to them, which their closed mindset will never open up, we have to restrict ourselves in exposing their double standard, and moral hollowness…”

 This blog is about what he refers to as “closed mindsets”, that may sometimes appear as “will never open up”.


When we plant a mango seed, it will grow up to produce mango fruit.

The seeds of thought that we plant in our mind grow up to produce their characteristic fruit.

If we plant propaganda material found in yellow rags masquerading as english language newspapers and TV news channels, our minds will produce fruits of that nature.

Take the case of the blogger here, who, having been schooled in a convent run by nuns, has apparently internalized the western colonialist propaganda of people of dark color being ignorant, less ‘developed’, lower in the ‘evolutionary’ ladder, which lie incidentally drives the skin-cream industry all over the world. So, when she blogs on the role of prejudices and narrow mindsets in shaping societal attitudes, she inadvertently reflects her internalized prejudices. Herself a colored person in western nomenclature, she portrays darker people as having narrower mindset and discriminatory attitude towards people of lighter shade in the exact pattern that colonialists used to caricature dark colored natives as ‘primitive’, ‘narrow minded’, ‘ignorant of world’ etc., and themselves, white people, being more ‘evolved’, ‘modern’ and ‘liberal’, whose burden it is to emancipate their darker brethren- which propaganda was then used to enslave, genocide, plunder and displace native people from Africa, America, Australia and Asia. She further displays western propensity to stifle criticisms and dissenting voices, by refusing to post a comment critical of that article, given below –

“Is it necessary to caricature blacks as evil … when it is they who have been plundered, enslaved, genocided and put in reservations by the whites…?

 Indians traditionally respected black ‘krishna varna‘ more than white. eg., Sri Krishna, Sri Rama, Shiva bhagavan, Kali Ma, Draupadi, Arjuna, Krishna Dvaipayana (Vyasa) etc.

This article seems to follow the path of imperialists, that of demonizing people of color, caricaturing them as primitive, barbaric, childish, not evolved etc…

Disappointing, to put it mildly.



Thus, the ideas and thoughts that we expose ourselves to, influences and shapes our thinking in subconscious ways- even in those cases when it is done with the purpose of countering those very ideas, as this blog reveals.

However, such displayed behavior does not necessarily mean that the people’s minds are closed. Poisonous trees growing in a field does not mean that the field is capable of producing fruits of that nature only.

It only means that some de-weeding is required, followed by planting of good seeds.

Still, planting of good seeds by itself does not guarantee that the harvest would be automatically good. Ravana’s mind was seeded with good thoughts by his father Vishravas, who taught him veda and shastra. Yet, the seeds of selfish aggrandizement inherent in Ravana outgrew and displaced those of the good thoughts planted by his father. A more recent example is that of Rajasekara a.k.a Nithyananda, who despite being exposed to veda shastras allowed selfish duplicitous thoughts to overtake sense of righteousness.

Due to samskara of our past, seeds of weed may be present in our minds, which germinate at times. Also, seeds of weed dispersed by wind may land from neighboring fields.

So the fields of our minds needs to be kept weed-free through constant vigilance, planted with healthy seeds after turning over the hardened crust of set prejudices, regularly irrigated by attention and insights and well exposed to rays of illuminating consciousness, in order to produce edible crop.

Our ancestors did so and produced the best of the crops as veda darshana shastra purana, which seeds are still with us. Do we prove to be true sons and daughters of the soil, worthy descendents of our ancestors, or bonded farmers who buy GM seeds from westerners, destroy ecology, perennially depending on westerners for future seeds of thought ?




1. Certain fields have been planted with poisonous plants so heavily that the numerous seeds of poisonous weeds present in that soil make any decent cultivation very tough proposition. It may be advisable, in such cases, to leave the field barren for some period, regularly uprooting the germinating weeds, until the seeds present in the soil get depleted before planting new crops. For faster results it may be necessary to burn that soil with the fire of enquiry, or waterlog it by immersing it in deluge of knowledge, or upturn that soil, burying it so deep that the seeds cannot germinate, by undergoing life transforming experience.

2. Certain regions are not conducive to certain crops. While bharatam has very fertile fields that can grow most plant varieties, certain parts of the world are not so and it is almost futile to try and grow similar varieties of plants in those fields. Even if they are grown forcefully, with much effort, its produce won’t taste the same, though, limited success may be had in controlled environments using fabricated glasshouses.

3. It is also meaningful to remember that the seeds of thoughts- both good and bad, are originally not inherent to the soil, that these are introduced separately, which then grow up and produce their respective fruits; that the original nature of the soil is seedless, plant less, still, dormant, pervaded by rays of illuminating consciousness, moistened by insightful attention. That original nature, realized our ancestors, tat twam asi.


A blogger attempts to trace the fissures in India’s society.

“Despite our country’s much-vaunted pluralism, Indians harbour a keen sense of difference, be it of language, religion or complexion.” 

Without this ‘difference’ how does pluralism exist in the first place ?

“The modern Indian state outlaws caste-based discrimination, while requiring “positive discrimination” for members of marginalised groups.”

Self contradictory. the so-called ‘positive’ discrimination is also caste based!

“Caste is a difficult and thorny category, its origins and evolution still murky.”

Agree, am always at a loss as to how come every fundamental text of bharata happens to be written by the so-called outcastes!
Ramayana by a jungle robber Ratnakar later called Maharshi Valmiki. Mahabharata and Gita by son of a fisherwoman named Vyasa. Vedas, Upanishads, Aranyakas, Brahamanas compiled by the same son of fisherwoman.

And these are the basic texts of bharatiya samskriti !

Am at a loss as to how come the ‘evil brahmins’ came to  accept these texts of low caste origin.

Every brahmana through all ages accepted these texts as profound.

Kalidasa, again of low origins, is also considered some great guy.

Only reason seems to be that enlightened educated people such as we have today were not present then to explain ‘caste’ system and ‘manusmriti’ to bharatiyas.

Thankfully, we live in ‘modern’ times.

“At worst, they smack of ancient caste bigotry, like the unhealthy valourisation of fair skin (as epitomised by embarrassing ads for lightening products) in a country of shining brown-skinned toilers.”

Shiva, the dark coloured god of hindu pantheon was heard complaining that he does not get any devotees nowadays.
Sri Krishna the other day complained similarly. He asked some lyricist- ‘radha kyon gori, mein kyon kala’ – why is Radha of lighter shade while I am black ?
Sri Rama similarly expressed unhappiness about his dark colour.
Kali ma was also angry on this point.

Last heard, these dark skinned gods were forming an association to petition GoI for some reservation for them among devotees.

The lighter skinned god Brahma, was not available for comment. He could not be found in any temples also, since there are hardly any temples that has Brahma as murti. Whats the point in being the creator and all, even with white skin!

Yet despite this slow erosion of caste as an insidious force, India remains a divided society

The Brits have something to be thankful for in these times of having been turned into chamcha of a has been superpower- US. Their legacy of ‘divide et empera’ is being religiously followed through by ‘educated’ indians.

“Anyone visiting India today would be struck by its chasms of difference. ”
Absolutely. It is proven that anyone who puts on eurocentric lenses will view things in its characteristic tinge.

But in India, the revelations of this latest study are stark reminders of how much division underlies the fabric of the nation, and of how much work remains in perfecting our democratic society.”

Absolutely! The white man’s burden, you know ?
It just got transferred to his brown skinned brother who uses ‘fair and lovely’ and is english educated.

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